BSB50215 Diploma of Business

Looking to move UP?  OUT?

You would be right to think that the Business Diploma may be exactly what you need to give you the skills that will lead to promotion, building your own business, or perhaps finding that new or better job.

But first things first – what is this amazing Business Diploma going to cost me?  …well…unlike most training providers we put our fees, right here upfront! 

  • Online

  • Your place

  • Your pace

  • $1,495

  • 18 months to complete



Now we need to answer how come so cheap?  It seems that most Diplomas start at about $14,000 and then go up from there.  How come your course is in the 100s of dollars not the 1,000s???

This course is fully supported online.  And, while you have a dedicated trainer they are not available day or night by phone.  All contact is by email, and webinars.   The online material is such that we are 100 per cent confident that you can get through it.  It is delivered in bite-size chunks of learning and remember you can ask questions at any time by email – or our exclusive social media page.  We use Yuploö!


You may have heard about Yuploö but it is simply put a social media platform that replicates the classroom environment online.   (student to student, student to trainer conversation) And, so no need to even pick up the phone, ask online and pretty soon you will have a clarifying response.

In addition, we firmly believe that in business the ability to interact with others is critical to being successful, and so to satisfy this criterion we place a major emphasis on your participation in Yuploö forums.  Yes, we measure your involvement, and yes it counts toward your competency outcome.  There will be online meeting opportunities; professional development proposals and sharing; you can share and get input re your marketing and sales projects; continuous improvement will be an ongoing discussion; how to and ideas for promoting growth will be tossed around; projects can be shared; and you can even use the forums to recruit employees or to promote your-self.


A bit more about the Diploma

BSB50215 Diploma of Business

Is this course for you?

  • You are or have been employed in a role that exposed you to business and/or management.

  • You enjoy the challenge of business.

  • You enjoy and strive for business and personal growth.

  • You like to see employees, peers, and friends excel.

  • You like to help employees, peers, and friends excel.

  • You see yourself as a leader and builder of others.

  • You are self-motivated.

  • You do not need to be lead.

  • You do not need constant supervision.

  • You prefer to study independently and at your own pace.

  • You are more than happy to participate in online discussion forums.

  • You know a bargain when you see one!

Tick them all?  Then sign up now.

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You will learn how to:

  • Manage effective meetings

  • Manage personal work priorities and professional development

  • Manage and drive marketing and sales

  • Implement continuous improvement

  • Plan for growth

  • Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

  • Set up and coordinate projects

  • Recruit, select, and induct new employees

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The learning resources

Our online system has been developed with the learner squarely in mind.  We would argue that our resources are the most up to date on the market.  When training components are updated by industry or other governing bodies so are our online resources.

Question: Can I get print copies?  Yes, for just a few extra dollars you can buy the study guides – just talk to our trainer.  The assessments however must be done online.


Units of Competency Nominated 




Manage meetings


Manage personal work priorities and professional development


Profile the Market


Implement continuous improvement


Undertake small business planning


Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities


Undertake project work


Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes

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1.Is the material available in print form?

  Yes but it is at an additional charge.  For information on cost and organise payment and delivery please contact your trainer or use the Contact us for information. 

2.Is the course accredited?

   Yes the course or qualification in nationally accredited.

3.Can I pay it off?

  Preference is that you pay a single lump sum

4.Do you take credit card payments?

Yes via the Fitta Paypal account. Once you enrol we will take care of the payment details.

For further information on BSB50215- Diploma of Business, please click here.